Vegy Caps®

We decided to create 100% vegetarian/vegan capsules to ensure that the important proportion of vegetarian/vegan and religious costumers are able to support the supplementation with a suitable product to keep track to thier approach to life without missing a advantageous supplement product.


  • No animal byproducts!
  • 100% natural and nontoxic! Can used in long term
  • 100% suitable for religious reasons ( Kosher, Halal )

Tera Caps® and Tera Tabs®

The name says it! – Bigger than mega and giga – Our Tera Caps® give you the maximum size on ingredients to an optimal support!


  • Easy to swallow
  • High and concentrated amount of ingredients
  • Due to the larger size of the capsule, the daily number of capsules to take is advantageous smaller